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About Ca Phe Phin

Ca Phe (Cafe) Phin (drip filter) was established in 2010, the brainchild of Vietnamese coffee enthusiasts who had long dreamed of opening an authentic Saigon-themed coffee house in America. To us and many of our patrons, Ca Phe Phin is truly a home away from home, where cups of ca phe den da (Vietnamese iced black coffee) or ca phe sua da (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk) are prepared and served the same way a traditional coffee stall on the streets of Vietnam does. To others, Ca Phe Phin is a destination to explore and enjoy ca phe den da, ca phe sua da, banh mi and other delicacies in a cozy and meditative space that will give you a glimpse into the charms of Vietnamese culture.

Rated as one of Houston's best Vietnamese coffee spots by the Houston Chronicle and Eater. 


Our Menu

We are a small, family-owned and run shop, which means we take special care to make and serve our drinks and food as if our guests are family members visiting. We hope you will taste our love of having you in our shop and our passion for Vietnamese "coffee culture" in every sip and bite!

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Menu last updated October 2022

About Ca Phe Phin
Our Menu
Our most popular delicacies
Signature Items
Our signature house blend

If you enjoy our signature house blend and would like to enjoy it at home, you can get it at our store or on Amazon!

We set out to recreate the same aroma and flavor that remind us of those good times: morning family gatherings around the kitchen island, get-togethers with friends on the weekends and conversations on the road trips. But more than just a keeper of cherished memories, this blend from Vietnam's Central Highlands also endeavors to be an auspicious herald of new experiences. For us, it brings to life recollections of our hometown Saigon and, at the same time, helps start our everyday in Houston, where we now call home. Wherever you are, we hope the cups of coffee made from this blend will bring you comfort, warmth, reflection, and inspiration.   

House blend of Robusta and Arabica. Bold, rich and smooth, with a hint of chocolate. Best made with Vietnamese drip filter or French press, but the beans are also happy with your standard coffee machines.


Our signature house blend
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